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Now Available from Napco: New iSee Video WiFi Outdoor Camera Kits – Featuring Weather Tough Performance & Excellent IR Night Vision with Photo-Cell

Napco Security has added a Complete Wireless Outdoor Camera Kit to their iSee Video line of Wi-Fi cameras. iSee Video Wi-Fi cameras can be installed in as little as 10 minutes. The new Complete Wireless Outdoor Camera kit features; one (1) 802.11 Wireless Weatherproof (IP65) Fixed Camera, 640×480 hi-res, with built-in PIR motion detector, 6 IR LEDs with photo cell activation and night vision filter, power adapter, Patented automatic-enroller Wireless Access Point (WAP) Module & power adapter. Includes custom dealer website log-in screen and 12-months iSee Video Network access.

The perfect solution for residential and small business! The iSee Video Wi-Fi camera offers an extremely affordable residential video solution and has the highest quality resolution and frame rate.

For Immediate Release
January 25, 2011
Contact: Melissa Duffy
Napco Security Group
333 Bayview Avenue
Amityville, NY 11701

GEM-TEMP64 Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Sensor Module adds temperature display to Custom Alpha Keypads on GEMP1664 & GEMP1632 Panels

Napco’s GEM-TEMP64 Sensor can be installed inside or outside, using it as a component within a GEMP1632 (or 1664) Security System, controlled with any custom alpha keypad model (e.g., GEM-RP1CAe2, GEM-K1CA, GEM-K1VPS, GEM-DK1CA.). This gives the keypad the capability to monitor and display the temperature, shown on the 2nd line of the GEMINI custom alpha keypad. The temperature outside the home or inside room temperature can be displayed depending upon where the TEMP64 module is mounted. Before leaving their home, for example a family would know to add a hat or scarf or if leaving for the day, to turn down the thermostat before exiting.

When an iRemote Module is installed in conjunction with the GEM-TEMP64 Module, the MyRemoteKeypad app will allow the temperature to be displayed on any smartphone or PC. The enduser/customer could always look in remotely at their keypad from anywhere in the world via the internet and make sure the room temperature being maintained is sufficient, preventing frozen/burst pipes etc. in cold cases, or in a summer home, preventing damage/molds from HVAC cooling failure.

For more information about the GEM-TEMP64 Sensor visit www.napcosecurity.com, email salesinfo@napcosecurity.com or call 1-800-645-9445.

In this video demonstration, Roemtech, the first name in Classroom Audio Systems, shows how its HummBuster Technology built-in to the new PMA-245H plenum rated classroom amplifier effectively gets rid of unwanted audio noise in a class or training room environment with the simple click of a switch.

Contact us for more information on Roemtech products or where to purchase in Canada.

360 vision iDomeTo complement its VisionDome and Predator range, 360 Vision Technology is delighted to launch the all new cost effective, yet powerful, external iDome range

Designed to offer a cost effective solution but without compromising quality or features, the external iDome products offer:
- UK design and build
- Multi Protocol Integration
- Motor Motion Design
- High Quality Components
- Intelligent Alarms
- Creative Privacy Zones
- 18x & 25x Colour/Mono SuperHAD Camera blocks

For further details or request a demonstration, please contact us!

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